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The Early Issues CD

a Digital Storehouse of Australian Jewish History

The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal published since 1939, contains a wealth of research, and many interesting articles about the Jewish experience in Australia. The articles canvas all aspects of Jewish life in Australia, starting with the convict era, the first free settlers, and early attempts to establish communities. Since 1933 there has been an enormous growth and extension of the community, and this is well covered. Not only major organizations, but suburban and country communities have been described, as well as the interaction of Jews with general society, in the professions, in the arts,and in relations with other communities within Australia. Australian Jews, and others with Jewish roots, will usually find several mentions of their antecedents within these articles, so meeting the needs of the genealogist and family historians.

In major libraries such as the Makor in Melbourne, complete runs of the Journal are available to peruse within the library (during opening hours). A very few long-standing members of the Society have a complete set. AJHS (Vic) has a small number of complete sets for sale – destined for libraries, and many, but not all, back copies of particular issues (“Parts”). Individual back copies are priced at today’s reproduction cost of $20.00 per part. Thus, for instance in the first three volumes I, II, and III published between 1939 and 1953 there are 30 parts in all, which – if available – can be purchased for $600 in total. In addition to the regular parts, there was an index to each volume, also – when available – also priced at $20 each, so the all-up cost of the paper version of the AJHS Journal from 1939 to 1953 is in total $660.

Our mission is not just to protect and preserve the fruits of historical research – but to disseminate and inform. If information is difficult or expensive to obtain it is essentially unavailable and for practical purposes lost. Fortunately contemporary computer technogy has found a solution, so that the Australian Jewish Historical Society can indeed fulfill its mission.

The Early Issues CD holds Volumes 1, 2, 3 published from 1939 to 1953

What has been done has been to scan all 1600 pages in all issues (Parts) of the Journal published from 1939 to 1953, and store in a resolution suitable for reading in a PC. Thus articles from this period can be readily and comfortably read. If you have a Palm Pilot, you may be able to read the digital Journal in bed, but most will sit at a desk to read.

How to Search The Early Issues CD

On the internet researchers use Google and other search engines to hone in on specific topics. A whole new idea ? Not at all, each volume of the Journal has its own index. What has been done for the CD has been to digitally combine the subject name and category indexes for Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and produce a single seachable index. This index can also be searched to find desired volume and page numbers – which can then be selected with one or two mouse clicks. Once you have gained a little experience with the CD and its control system- the speed with which you can scan the index,locate items and then read will astound you. At the same time, one can simply read whole articles, as the pages scroll up and down a computer window.

CD manufacture

The logic of mass production means that it costs less to replicate 500 CDs in a high speed process using a glass master and to screen print the disc label than it does to duplicate 100 CDs using a CD burner. So in furtherance of our mission the AJHS (Vic) committee resolved to supply each of its members with a copy of this historic CD, and to balance costs by selling the surplus at the very low price of $20.

This is what the CD looks like:

How to order The Early Issues CD

Financial members of AJHS (Vic) received the CD with the November issue (Vol 17 Part 4) of the AJHS Journal. Further copies are available. For $20.00 post free (within Australia) by sending mailing details your cheque made out to AJHS (Vic) to

Australian Jewish Historical Society (Vic)
PO BOX 8420
Armadale    Victoria 3143Fax:          61 3 9822 2849

New members of AJHS (Vic) in 2008 with an Australian address received both Parts 1 and Parts 2 of the 2008 Journal, together with the CD, for the annual membership fee (now $45 individual,$45 family, $55 organizational). To find the membership form, click on AJHS Victoria tag to the left, then on the JOIN_form tag.

The CD supplied to AJHS )Vic) members wass supplied in a paper envelope, with the envelope mounted within the latest journal part. This is a convenient scheme both for postage and for long term storage. Of course at their own option our members may chose to store this CD with other computer CDs of their collection in a storage unit,or in a diamond case CD case. The CD offered for sale will be supplied in the same paper CD envelope – which features a clear plastic window so that label design is clearly visible. The notes prepared for AJHS (Vic) members will also be supplied to the purchaser. Purchasers may chose to store this CD with other computer CDs of their collection in a storage unit, or in a diamond case CD.

Legal Notice
It is important to note that this CD is © Copyright to AJHS and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. However we do give each purchaser the right to copy the CD to the hard disk drive of one PC for their personal use.

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