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The Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society records the Jewish experience in Australia, from 1788 to recent times. Some of the flavour of the Journal, and its broad scope within Australian Jewish history, may be gained by scanning though all issues of the Journal using the search facility below. Not all Journal items can be found by this search. Some non researched articles such as reports, meetings, officeholders and financials etc. can be accessed by searching through the tables of contents and then perusing the relevant edition of the Journal.

The Journal, and Special Publications, are free to members of the AJHS.

Authors wishing to publish in the Journal should look here.

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Last updated 10 Jan 2019

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Last updated 10 Jan 2019

At a public meeting held on August 21st, 1938 a motion was adopted calling for the establishment of the Australian Jewish Historical Society. The Society held its first general meeting on November 7, 1938, when a consitution (“Rules of the Society”) was adopted and foundation committee elected. In Clause 6 of these Rules, the Committee was empowered to appoint one or more of its members as “Editor of its Journal”. Thus the Journal was established on the birth of the Society, with Vol I Part 1 and Vol I Part 2 issued in 1939.

The Journal, initially known as the Australian Jewish Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings, was later renamed the Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal (AJHSJ). This Journal is the archival journal for articles on Australian Jewish History.

The AJHS (Vic) was established in Melbourne in 1949 and for some years functioned as a branch of the Sydney-based society, before its incorporation as the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria Inc [Vic].

Since 1988 the production of the journal has been shared between New South Wales (June edition) and Victoria (November edition).

From time to time, Special Publications are produced in the same format as the Journal, but with a distinctive cover.

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Editorial Committees

New South Wales

Dr. Suzanne Rutland
Helen Bersten
Russell Stern


Dr Howard A Freeman
Hillary Rubinstein

The editors welcome suggestions for articles and manuscripts dealing with any aspect of the history of the Jewish people in Australia. The Journal is national in coverage and deals with the whole sweep of Australian Jewish history from 1788 to the contemporary period. Please refer to the following:

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