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Photography Galleries2019-09-04T18:19:35+10:00

Photography Galleries

Over the years, the Australian Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) and the Archive of Australian Judaica (AAJ) have collected thousands of photos of communal interest which chronicle the history of the Australian Jewish Community.

Sadly the background information on many images has been lost or never existed.

We need your help to try and identify these and give the Where, When and Who.

We’d like you to look through the photos and if you have any information, please click on the “Add more Info” icon in the top left. Add as much detail as you can provide and we will add those details once we have confirmed.

The House

Russian Fellow

Rabbi Lamm

NCJW Dita Cobb

Moriah Sports

Meeting of Rabbis

Maccabiah Return

Israel Independence

Israel Dance

Florida Demo

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