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The AJHS Journal

The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal records the Jewish experience in Australia, from 1788 to recent times. Please select one of the following options:

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Last updated: 27th October 2020
Page Link Vol Pt Year Page Range Title Author Abstract
wdt_ID Page Link Vol Pt Year Page Range Title Author Abstract
1 1 1 1939 8-18 The Jews' Relief (English) Act, 1858, and Australian reaction to same Glass, Sydney B The Jews' Disabilities Bill passed in the Commons in 1858. The Bill was rejected by the Lords because they were constitutionally averse to change. Mr. Joseph thought that the Jews in the colony should contribute a lasting testimonial, and suggested the
2 1 1 1939 19-22 A Hebrew Travel Book. Rabbi Falk, Lieb (Rabbi Lieb Falk) Being a translation from the Hebrew of Rabbi Jacob Saphir's book ("Eben Saphir"), giving an account of his visit to Australia and New Zealand.
3 1 2 1939 25-42 Early Jewish education in Sydney, New South Wales Marks, Percy J. Governor Fitzroy, in 1850 granted 16 perches "upon trust for the erection of a school house for the use of members of the Jewish faith" No school seems to have been built on the land, which was subsequently sold. In the early 60s there was a Sydney Hebrew
4 1 2 1939 42-43 Gift of Sir Moses Montefiore to Melbourne Synagogue. In a letter to the London Jewish Chronicle from Great Bourke Street, Melbourne, under date September, 1853, Mr. Henry Harris writes:-
5 1 2 1939 43-49 A Hebrew travel book (cont) Rabbi Falk, Lieb (Rabbi Lieb Falk) (Rabbi Lieb Falk)
6 1 2 1939 50-52 Appreciation of A Good Australian Jew. Masel, Philip His Notable Services to Western Australian Jewry
7 1 2 1939 53-55 New Zealand Community in 1843. Some Interesting Letters
8 1 3 1940 57-71 Alexander Salmon, an English Jew who made history in Tahiti, and his family. Ramsden, Eric (Member of the Royal Australian Historical Society; Member of the Polynesian Society; Member of the Societe des Etudes Oceaniennes, Papeete, Tahiti).
9 1 3 1940 72 Early Launceston (Tasmania) Jewry. The Voice of Jacob (London), in its issue of December 20th, 1844, gives the following interesting information:-
10 1 3 1940 73-84 Reverend Solomon Phillips and his descendants Cohen, Victor Solomon Phillips and Caroline, his wife were both born in London. They married in England in 1829 or 1830 and left immediately for Australia, where he took up a position as Assistant Minister with the newly formed Bridge Street Synagogue. He died in Melbo

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Last updated: 27th October 2020

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The editors welcome articles and manuscripts dealing with any aspect of the history of the Jewish people in Australia. Authors seeking to publish in the Journal should view the Journal’s style guide and how to submit.

AJHS Style Guide

At a public meeting held on August 21st, 1938 a motion was adopted calling for the establishment of the Australian Jewish Historical Society. The Society held its first general meeting on November 7, 1938, when a constitution (“Rules of the Society”) was adopted and foundation committee elected. In Clause 6 of these Rules, the Committee was empowered to appoint one or more of its members as “Editor of its Journal”. Thus the Journal was established on the birth of the Society, with Vol I Part 1 and Vol I Part 2 issued in 1939.

The Journal, initially known as the Australian Jewish Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings, was later renamed the Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal (AJHSJ). This Journal is the archival journal for articles on Australian Jewish History.

The AJHS (Vic) was established in Melbourne in 1949 and for some years functioned as a branch of the Sydney-based society, before its incorporation as the Australian Jewish Historical Society Victoria Inc [Vic].

Since 1988 the production of the journal has been shared between New South Wales (June edition) and Victoria (November edition).

From time to time, Special Publications are produced in the same format as the Journal, but with a distinctive cover.

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