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AJHS Library Catalogue

Author Title Notes Year CALL NO. PUB CITY ISBN Language
wdt_ID Author Title Notes Year CALL NO. PUB CITY ISBN Language
1 Aarons, Aaron The Sephardim of Australia & New Zealand History of Sephardim in Australia & New Zealand from Portuguese exploration until 1976 1979 305.8924094 AARO A Aaron Sydney NSW 0959562710
2 Aarons, Mark War Criminals Welcome. Australia, a Sanctuary for Fugitive War Criminals since 1945 WWII History and Politics. A detailed account of how Australia failed to prevent war criminals from being accepted as immigrants and to effectively prosecute them in a timely fashion 2001 364.1380994 AARO Black Inc Melbourne Vic 1863953701
3 Aarons, Mark & Loftus, John Ratlines. How the Vatican's Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets 1991 364.1380994 AAR0 Mandarin Paperbacks London UK 0434829455(pbk)
4 Aarons, Mark & Loftus, John Sanctuary, Nazi fugitives in Australia Post WWII. An investigation by Australian Mark Aarons as to how wanted Nazi Criminals found refuge in Australia. The story of their crimes and escape from effective justice. 1989 940.5478 AARO William Heinemann Port Melbourne Vic 0 85561 3327
5 Abecassis, Jose Maria An Epigraphic Study & Listing of existing graves in the Jewish Cemetery of Faro (CIF) 1986 946.9 ABEC (P)
6 Abeshouse, Lionel Russia - China - Australia: The story of Abraham & Ruby Abeshouse Family tree 1998 929.2 ABES
7 Abraham, Israel Judaism Outline of Jewish beliefs. Very brief. 1907 296 ABRA
8 Abrahams Beth-Zion The Jews in England: a History for Young People English Jewish History. Very clearly and comprehensively written History of English Jewry. Not Australian but a good background link to the Mother Country for a greater understanding of Australian Jewish history. 1969 296 ABRA
9 Abrahams, Israel The Birth of a Community. A history of Western Province Jewry from earliest times to the end of the South African War Cape town South Africa - Jewish religious history to1902 - incl a photo of Rev Pulver, his term there. 1955 968.004924 ABRA Cape Town Congregation Cape Town South Africa
10 Adler, Hermann Anglo-Jewish memories & other sermons, London Sermons (including eulogies). Formerly owned by George G Cohen. 1909 296.081 ADLE
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