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AJHS Illuminated Addresses

Recipient Occasion Date (DD MMM YYYY) RefNo Image
wdt_ID Recipient Occasion Date (DD MMM YYYY) RefNo Image
1 Moritz Gotthelf 70th birthday from the Board of the Montefiore Home 25 Oct 1910 IA1
2 Moritz Gotthelf 70th birthday from members of the Great Synagogue 19 Oct 1910 IA2
3 George J Cohen President of the Great Synagogue, on attaining his 70th year, from the congregation of the Great Synagogue 27 Apr 1912 IA3
4 Benjamin Benjamin Past president of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation for services rendered to the congregation 26 Jan 1900 IA4
5 Percy Lionel Benjamin Appointment as Warehouse manager to the Sydney House from the employees of S. Hoffnung & Co., Brisbane 04 Jan 1900 IA5
6 Percy Wolfson President of the Newtown Hebrew Congregation for services during 5 years as president from officers and members of the congregation 09 Jan 1920 IA6
7 George Myers From members of the Jewish Community on his retirement as president of the Great Synagogue 23 Jan 1900 IA7
8 I. Lewinnek 60th birthday from Keren Kayemeth Leisrael 23 Nov 1953 IA8
9 Abram Landa LLB. MLA Folder used by IA9
10 JJ Cohen Maccabean Hall charter signed by Sir John Monash IA10
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