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AAJ Photo Collection

Last Name First Name Organisational or Subject Content Number of photos Notes
wdt_ID Last Name First Name Organisational or Subject Content Number of photos Notes
1 Even Arie Australia/Israel Photographs and press cuttings - Israel and Australia; Israel's 30th Anniversary celebrations. Australia and Israel material. TBD 1 file folder, exact number of photos TBD.
2 Falk Michael Rabbi Leib Falk The late Rabbi Leib Falk, the grandfather of Michael Falk, was instrumental in breaking the stranglehold of the Great Synagogue as the bastion of Anti-Zionist 'Anglo-Jewry' in Australia. His role in transforming the attitudes of Australian 'Anglo-Jewry' h 12 prints 12 prints including the 1929 Zionist Federation Conference, the New Zionist Association (1940) and Rabbi L.A. Falk
3 Goldberg Dr. Solomon Australia/Israel sheep farm set up in Israel 80 photographs
4 Hammerman Bernhard Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation Australian Jewish Quarterly Foundation. "Several photographs" TBD "Several photographs" exact number of photos TBD.
5 Karpin Sam Wolper Jewish Hospital Sam Karpin was involved in many organisations, but he is best known for his role in the Y.M.H.A. and as a founder and mainstay of the Wolper Jewish Hospital, Sydney. His papers provide a profile of the Wolper's activities and include material from its inc over 60 photpgraphs exact number of photos TBD.
6 Katz Dr. Israel Views of Israel in the 40s, 50s and 60s, culled from the press and mounted on paper TBD 2 boxes of Information on Dr. Katz
7 Keesing Nancy family photos Two nineteenth century albums of family photos on mother's side: Hart and Michaelis families, Gotthelf, De Beer and Hallenstein (Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand), 1860s-1880s. Additional material from a cousin, Dr Robert Parker (Darwin) on the Hart, Hal 2 photo albums I belive there are more photos n this colelction and need to review. The albums need some conservation
8 Lane Edward Montefiore Home Mr Lane, who was a professional photographer, took 87 photographs of the Montefiore Home for the Archive, before his death in 1984.  87 photographs of the Montefiore Home
9 Matsdorf Dr. Wolf (Bill) Australian Jewish Welfare Society  14 photos of Australian Jewish Welfare Society activities. 4 photos from the Beth Hatefutsoth Exhibition, Jews on the Land, 1983; personal family photos.  18 photos
10 Pearl Cyril Dunera Affair Approximately 3 folders with photographs of Dunera Boys, reunions of Duenra boys, Hay Camp, etc TBD 2 boxes on Cyril Pearl
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