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Births, Deaths & Marriages

In the course of Jewish life in Australia there have been numerous births, marriages and deaths, that all provide an incredible insight into the experiences of and connections between Jewish people. Thanks to the painstaking work of Australian Jewish Historical Society contributor, Terry Newman, the Society possesses an incredible database listing birth, death and marriage announcements from publications from across Australia and New Zealand in the period between 1832 and 1949.

Users can access the content of this list and search it by applying a surname, the type of event, the date and/or year of the event, or the publication detailing the announcement. Simply click on the link below.

Users are also welcome to contribute to the accuracy and utility of the Society’s archives and databases by providing corrections and/or additional information.

Births, Deaths & Marriages

Newspaper Announcements 1832-1949

On 21 Nov 1831, the Levy family proudly announced the birth of their daughter in the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then, over 4,000 Jewish births, deaths marriages and other events have been memorialised in the pages of national and local newspapers. Terry Newman’s listing covers over a century of these lifetime happenings.

Marriages pre 1940

The Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (AJGS) in Melbourne and AJHS in Sydney have compiled a list of 6746 Jewish marriages conducted in Australia.

These date from the first recorded marriage in 1832 of Rosetta Nathan to Moses Joseph at the Bridge Street Synagogue in Sydney up to 1940.

AJGS and AJHS hold additional data including names of parents and full dates on these and thousands of more recent marriages, however, to protect people’s privacy, we have established a policy of only listing marriages from over 80 years ago.

While we have made every effort to correctly record these marriages, many of the older records are extracted from hand-written documents and there may be inaccuracies.

If you are looking for additional information on these or other Australian Jewish marriages, please contact Ian Samuel ( or
0416 044 881.

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