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Australian Jewish Historical

Society (NSW)

AJHS Catalogue Cards

There are 8,000 stories of our local Jewish history held by the Australian Jewish Historical Society in over 3,000 files and 300 boxes. These are currently being rehoused and fresh descriptions being prepared.

The Society’s archives are now being moved to database system ArchivEra and will be accessible online early in 2021. Here you will find stories of long-gone synagogues, minutes of communal organisations, scrapbooks – a physical connection to bygone days and more.

Please contact the Society if you wish to view any material held in the archive.

Louise Rosenberg Archive

This will not be a biography of Louise – that has appeared in our Journal and other publications. In fact, Sophie Gelski did an oral history interview with Louise in about 2010 which filled eight cassette tapes! So this will be a portrait of the delightfully eccentric woman who so generously donated the money to create this new archival storage space for the AJHS.

AJHS Library Catalogue

To merit a place in the Australian Jewish Historical Society Library’s collection, a book must have an Antipodean element. There an emphasis on reference works and biographies, autobiographies and memoirs.

Please contact the Society if you wish to access any book held in the library or offer any books of Australian Jewish historical significance to the collection.

AJHS Illuminated Addresses

From the mid 19th until the early 20th century Illuminated Addresses were art works presented to specially mark an individuals esteemed contribution to an organisation.

Contained within the Australian Jewish Historical Society’s archive are original Illuminated Addresses presented to Jewish people who made meaningful contributions to the community and beyond, including some works that are considered to be of national historical significance.

Please contact the Society if you wish to view the relevant Illuminated Address or to contribute to the accuracy and utility of the Society’s holdings by providing additional contextual information.

AJHS Newspapers Print Editions

The story of the Jewish Press in Australia has been one of an everchanging landscape.

While the convenience of reading and searching online editions is now firmly entrenched, there is a magic in being able to touch either the original or copies in printed form. The Society holds various bound issues of:

• Voice of Jacob – 1841-1847
• Voice of Jacob, Sydney Edition – 1842
• Australian Israelite – 1871-1875
• Jewish Herald – 1888-1919
• Hebrew Standard 1893-1953
• Australasian Hebrew – 1895-1896
• Australian Jewish Herald, 1921-1968
• Australian Chronicle – 1922-1930
• Sydney Jewish News – 1944, 1955-1973
• New Citizen – 1946-1954
• Jewish Times 1953 -1990
• Australian Jewish News, Melbourne 1974+,
• Talks and Tales -1980-1988
• Australian Jewish News, 1990+

AJHS Newspapers on Microfilm

The exercise of digitising and making available full text searchable version of issues of the Jewish Press in Australia is extremely challenging.

The Society holds approximately 100 reels of micro film including Australian Jewish Times. (30 reels) from 16 Oct-1953 to Apr-1990. (Sep-1979 to Jun-1981 missing) and Australian Jewish News (33 reels) from 6-Apr-1990 to Jun-2010.

Unfortunately, the quality of these microfilmed pages reflects the poorer scanning techniques of the last century. Whereas the pages are legible, attempts to OCR the early pages have met with limited success.

Digital copies of many pre 1956 Australian Jewish newspapers may be accessed via the National Library of Australia’s Trove ( website. Here, in addition to the publications found the National Library’s broad bibliographic database, is access to publications otherwise unavailable, such as: Australasian Hebrew 1895-1896, Australian Israelite 1871-1875, Australian Jewish Chronicle 1922-1930, and Australian Jewish Herald 1921-1968.

A current joint project of the Society and the Archive is to create a database showing the format and availability of many of the Australian Jewish newspapers since the first issues.

AJHS Photos

Photos of synagogues, houses, and events rub shoulders with formal and relaxed family portraits in the Australian Jewish Historical Society photographic collection.

In addition, there approximately 10,000 photo negatives dating from the 1960s to 1990s sourced from the Jewish Times, and the George Denes collection depicting community events and religious occasions.

The Society welcomes contributions to the accuracy of the Society’s archives which can provide corrections and/or additional information.

AJHS Medals

Medals were not only presented in recognition of military service, medals were also struck to acknowledge service to community.

The Society holds medals and other commemorative items reflecting both purposes.

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