Australian Jewish Historical Society

Historic Jewish Cemeteries

Prepared by Helen Bersten, Gary Luke and Colin Choat from information held by the Australian Jewish Historical Society

(List current as at 1 March 2009)

There are a number of Jewish Cemeteries in Australia which are now disused or which no longer exist. The links below list four of them, together with the names of those who are known to be buried there.

NSW Jewish Burial Sites. Click this link for a GoogleMap with markers showing approximately 750 cemeteries which in the past had a Jewish section - yellow for locations of known Jewish burials, red for others. Click on either the town name on the right or the marker for more information. Town names with [*] have a Jewish burial. An explanation of these cemeteries appeared in the AJHS Newsletter #91, Nov. 2010.

The contribution of George Bergman, Louise Rosenberg and Terry Newman for providing details regarding many of the people people buried in these cemeteries is acknowledged.

To view the listing for a particular cemetery click the link below:

The information comes from a number of lists held by the Society, as well as from the work by Johnson and Sainty, detailed below. There were some inconsistencies in the lists used. Notes and alternate spelling of names have been included where it has been thought necessary.

"Devonshire Street Cemetery re-interment register and index" ("microform" format) was produced by the Library of Australian History, North Sydney, 1999. However that document has not been consulted. A copy is held by the State Library of New South Wales.

Rookwood cemetery has been the main Jewish burial ground in Sydney since 1867. The Jewish Cemetery Trust website has search facilities and maps of burials. For burials in the Old Ground at Rookwood the recommended source is the CD published by the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society.

Other publications covering transfers from the cemetery include:-- Johnson, K.A. and Sainty, M.R., Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 and History of Sydney's Early Cemeteries from 1788. Library of Australian History, Sydney 2001.

The Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (contact details below) has produced a Compact Disk covering burials in the Old Jewish Section at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney which includes details of transfers from Devonshire Street Cemetery. They may be contacted:

The Australian Jewish Genealogical Society
PO Box 42 Lane Cove
NSW 1595 Australia
AJGS Web Site

The State Records Authority of New South Wales has an internet page devoted to cemetery records.

Where it is indicated that the transfer was to "Raphaels", there may be more details in that list

The cemetery lists draw on a number of lists prepared by members of the AJHS over the years. The year of death has, where possible, been confirmed by referring to the internet page Historical Index Search at the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages internet site. The work of David Ralph, archivist of the Goulburn Historical Society, in researching the burials at the cemetery, is also gratefully acknowledged.