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The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne (1935+)

The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne (1935+) The paper remains an English language weekly with topical Australian Jewish and overseas Jewish news. Yiddish supplements included: Di Oistralisher Yiddishe Naes, and Der Literarisher Journal. From the 1980s until 1996 there was a further supplement, Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch. In 1987 the [...]

History Marianne Dacy

History of Yiddish Newspapers in Australia The earliest Yiddish newspaper was: Di Oistralier Leben (Jan 1931-1933) which was incorporated in The Jewish Weekly News after two years. Another was the Gezerd Tribune which ran for only two issues in 1932, the short lived Dos Naie Vort, published in [...]

Yiddish Newspapers

Australian Yiddish Periodicals The Australian Jewish Post, v 1 (1949-Aug 1968). Supplement to The Australian Jewish Herald. Bulletin of the Bund Organisation in Melbourne, 1962-? Gezerd Tribun, nos 1-2 (Je, Nov 1932). The Jewish Pioneer, v 1 no 1 (Feb 1928). Der Landsman, nos 1-19 (1964-1970). Link. (Jy 1 [...]