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Stories From The Road

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The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne (1935+)

The Australian Jewish News, Melbourne (1935+) The paper remains an English language weekly with topical Australian Jewish and overseas Jewish news. Yiddish supplements included: Di Oistralisher Yiddishe Naes, and Der Literarisher Journal. From [...]

History Marianne Dacy

History of Yiddish Newspapers in Australia The earliest Yiddish newspaper was: Di Oistralier Leben (Jan 1931-1933) which was incorporated in The Jewish Weekly News after two years. Another was the Gezerd Tribune which [...]

Yiddish Newspapers

Australian Yiddish Periodicals The Australian Jewish Post, v 1 (1949-Aug 1968). Supplement to The Australian Jewish Herald. Bulletin of the Bund Organisation in Melbourne, 1962-? Gezerd Tribun, nos 1-2 (Je, Nov 1932). The Jewish [...]